Friday, May 11, 2007

Shiny Happy Socks

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I love these socks.

They're merino/soy worsted weight yarn socks made with yarn I bought in Alaska last year..from Rabbit Ridge Designs...that I knit toe up using Judy's magic cast on and the toe-up recipe from "More Sensational Knit Socks". These were my download-and-knit-on-the-bus socks and look, they're done.

The colors are so cheerful..the colorway is Jacob's coat, and they make me happy.

Thanks for all your best wishes for my brother...he's doing pretty well although a bit on the crankypants side which is completely to be expected.

I've just finished the sixth week of our ten week term and finally feel caught up. Our book is almost done. I'm not that far behind on my grading. i have minimal things having over my head. Life is good. Adn we're going kayaking this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Great looking socks! Kayaking? Where? I love kayaking.