Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bad Blogger (me)

I've not been a good blogger lately, my apologies, and hear are my reasons:
1. Seasonal allergies have given me watery eyes that I can barely open in any type of light. Benadryl helps a wee bit, claritin not at all. Any other suggestions welcome.
2.Shasta (dog) is unwell; she's been off her food for about two weeks and vet tests have been basically inconclusive. We've tried pepcid and a few anti inflamatories but nothing seems to be working. The first set of blood tests showed some 'grey' area pancreatic results, and she just had another round of blood tests, so we're hoping that tells us a bit more.
3. Last week of classes. Nough said. Although both my classes this term have been pretty fun, so I'm almost sad that they're done (note almost).

More soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Shasta. Hope you find out what's happening with her.

Anonymous said...

Sending good vibes your way!

Carol said...

Aw poor Shasta. Have some good wishes wrapped in a {{HUG}}.

Anonymous said...

Chow Beatrice and me send good wishes Shasta's way. Let us know what you find out.


Anonymous said...

Shasta, Koshka sends her regards and hopes you feel better soon.

Sheila E said...

Take good care of yourself!!
Pets and warm thoughts to Shasta...it's tough when our babies are ill.

Anonymous said...

Zaditor is now-over-the-counter-used-to-be-prescription-only allergy eye drops. I'm here in the Willamette allergy valley, and couldn't open my eyes outdoors because of the tears, and that's what my pharmacist recommended. He uses them too. Spendy, but worth it, they have really helped me.