Thursday, June 21, 2007


Tomorrow is the Black Sheep Gathering, and I can't think of a single thing for my shopping list.

I have enough STR (really, can there be enough? Oh, yes, I do believe so). If they have their new silkie yarn in a solid colorway I might get that.

I guess the thing is: I'm more into solids than anything else these days. And solids (for me) are not *that* fun to spin (and the BSG is a big spinning thang).

I am taking a class with the incredible Judith McKenzie McCuin, and I might even be enough of a dork to take her book with me to get her to sign it. It is a class on spinning three exotic fibers: can't really recall what they are but it should be fun. And I should do a bit of spinning to get warmed up, I think!

So, what do you think I'll come home with?


Alyssa said...

A sheep?


Carol said...

A bunny?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to take a class with Judith McKenzie McCuin!