Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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I've always been a bit afraid of Rowan patterns. The small needles. The gauges. The intricate colorwork (or in Rowanspeak, colourwork). The beautiful models in pastoral english settings. The fact that many patterns are one size fits all as long as you are Twiggy.

But. Friends. I'm facing my Rowanophobia! I decided that, for better or for worse, sweaters knit with DK or smaller yarn look better on me. And Rowan has some gorgeous non-colourwork patterns that are interesting and look wearable. Specifically, Ive dogeared several patterns in "The Best of Rowan" that I bought at Interweave's hurt book sale a year or two ago. And I"m doing the Short Raglan Sweater by Amanda Griffiths that's toward the back of the book.

With some caveats: I didn't do the 'doughnuts' that decorate the bottom of the sweater ,instead added some ribbing to match the sleeves. There are cables around the raglan that are really pretty. So far, so good.

The yarn is Cotton Fleece Dusty blue seconds that I bought a few weeks back, which seems to be working pretty well.

AND. This weekend is the Black Sheep Gathering. Yay! I plan to go over there Friday morning for shopping, and to see Jodie who is doing the Sheep to Shawl and Sheila and Michael Ernst and to pick up (hopefully) some glass circs for socks as a treat for myself. Cause honestly, I need No More Yarn.


Alyssa said...

Ooo, pretty. That's a great color!
I've done a couple Kim Hargreaves patterns from when she was still with Rowan and found them to be very well written and they just turn out so nicely. Have fun at the Black Sheep Gathering. Guess I'll make it next year. :)

Beverly said...

Excellent book choice. I have it and have marked several must do's.

Have a great time at BSG.

Carol said...

Very nice Kim! Hope you have a great time!