Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thanks to All

Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts and comments about our Shasta. It has now been two days, and we still miss her so. It is getting easier, though, although I still tear up at the oddest times when a great memory of our girl comes crashing back.

Knitbloggers (and other bloggers) are just the best, but you guys know that. I haven't met most of you, but I know you all understand what I'm going through. Whether you're in Chicago, or Florida, or England, I feel so thankful that you're close by. And I so appreciate the nice words from people who I really don't know but who reached out during this dark time. I can't tell you how much this effort means to me. Thank you so much.

And to those of you who I met via the blog and who I have met in person...thank you for your good wishes and your support and for lending me your Eugene family to be here for me. I picked up the phone Tuesday morning to hear the supportive voice of Bonnie's MIL Cecilia wanting to make sure I was OK. That was really something. Thanks so much Bonnie.

And Steve found a beautiful picture of our girl and put it on his blog. Shasta and Gauss (Steve and Jen's dog) had an interesting relationship, basically, anything that was Gauss' was also Shasta's (in Shasta's opinion). She was a bit Tony Soprano-like in that way. Gauss, who outweighted her by about 20 pounds or so, always let her have her way. Thanks Gauss.

I had to make a quick trip up to Portland yesterday for a meeting, and today another quick trip to make a presentation to the Association of Alternative Newspapers. I didn't drive yesterday, so got four hours of car knitting done (yeah, quick trip to Portland is sort of a misnomer).

I have finished the Icy Blue Tank and started on my first rowan pattern. Interesting. More tomorrow, I promise.


Carol said...

Only time will heal. {{HUGS}}
Want some sock yarn?

Anonymous said...

I have found Cecelia to be so comforting during the toughest times of my life. And I was hoping her comfort and kindness might help you a bit. I am glad to hear it did.

Take care and we are still sending you big hugs.

Angela said...

Just read your 'about me' and you have a bunny? What kind? Your house sounds like our zoo (3 dogs, 5 bunnies, and well, the kitty that just passed away but I still count her)