Friday, June 22, 2007

What Was I thinking?

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That is, that I wouldn't find anything to buy at BSG?

I sort of figured it out. In previous years, my BSG shopping has been a mix of rovings and of yarn specials...that is, deals on yarn at some of the booths.

But this year, I realized that the very best part of the BSG is that dozens of small yarn creators: hand painters, spinners, sheep and rabbit raisers, are there. Buying at BSG allows you to support West Coast (and primarily NorthWest) fiber producers. So I did my duty.So, at the top: red and white bump from Dayspring Farm in Corvallis, OR. I bought a bump of this same stuff last year, and now I have enough to spin into a sweater. Yay!

In the middle: angora combed top from Butternut Woolens in Gaston, Oregon . I've never spun angora. This was a bit pricey but I'd use it in a hat or something. Or a moebius. The colorway is Yellowstone.

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IAnd on the bottom: superwash merino roving from Claus and Teyani at Crown Mountain Farms . Colorway: Hard Day's Night. They always have a lot of tempting stuff in their booth, and are always to upbeat!

I had a great visit with Michael and Sheila Ernst who had their beautiful glass needles, buttons, orifice hooks and beads for sale. THose glass circs are awesome! I wish I had a pic of Sheila who had on an, um, interesting head piece.

My buddy Jodie was competing in the Sheep to Shawl. She's second from the right, wearing some great socks (orenburg? Is that the pattern? Beautiful). They were having a few little bumps in the Sheep to Shawl Road but hopefully they overcame that and rocked the contest!

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It is almost impossible to get a photo of a weaver doing her weaving thang. This is Sarah (aka Fyberduck behind the loom of Jodie's sheep to shawl team. I am sorry to say I didn't get a picture of the fiber fiend who was carding their fleece...there are six people on the team: one carder, one weaver, and four spinners. They need to make a shawl in five hours! Amazing.

And finally, I bought some sock yarn. Yes, yes I did.At the top is some wool/nylon from Bel Tine Farms (no web site that I know of). Beautiful colors in their yarn, solid with just a hint of non-solid ness. And a good price too ($4.55 for 250 yards).

Next is some hand painted from a lovely woman named Lori lawon who owns Capistrano Fiber Arts studio. Her yarn is a bit like koigu only a bit lighter (which doesn't make a lot of sense, sorry). She doesn't have a website either but will work with you via email to send you photos of color choices etc if you have colors in mind. I don't want to post her email for the world to see, but if you want her contact info let me know.

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Next, this beautiful superwash from Wildberry Yarns. Gorgeous! It reminds me a bit of the cp 'circus' colorway which of course is one of my favorites.

And then last but certainly not ever least...two skeins of silkie from BMFA. the burgundies, in the Backstabber colorway, will go with the leftovers from last time's sock yarn to do some stripes or fair isle or something. The blue is just gorgeous, the colorway is "in the navy", and I love this yarn possibly more than anything else I bought this year.

AND, I have yet to go to the Alpaca show!


Alyssa said...

Oh, I love the backstabber color! Great haul!

Anonymous said...

I am not able to make it to BSG this year and I am really enjoying the pictures. How was your class?
Punkin in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Ah!Thanks for the virtual BSG visit!
I love sheep-to-shawl contests,though haven't yet entered one! But did you have to show Silkie STR in Backstabber? Oooooohhhhhhh!!!

Carol said...

What a haul! Really nice:)

Sheila E said...

It was so nice to have a visit with you at Black Sheep! Wouldn't be a good one without connecting with you Dear Lady! I am looking forward to meeting up with you some time in August!