Monday, July 09, 2007


Plants in front garden: planted
Mulch on plants in front garden: spread
Gauge on new rowan sweater: getting closer
Healthy fruit salad: made
Plumber visit to unclog drain that I clogged up after putting a bunch of melon rinds down the disposable: completed
Papers graded: innumerous
Weird sunburn on the strip of skin between shorts and top of shirt: attained
Mystery stole: 129 rows completed
New STR socks: cast on
Sailor girls: awaiting their vinegar bath


Carol said...

Now to make my list...

rosy said...

Hello Kim!
Yes we do say 'chuffed' over here! - 'dead chuffed' if we are really happy! Although my family, being a little eccentric anyway, tend to say 'Well I'm as happy as a man/woman who has something to be really happy about' (a Stephen Laurie quote from Blackadder!! - not sure if you have seen Blackadder - it very british humour - and you need a fair knowledge of brit history to really appreciate it!! - I personally think it's wonderful!!!)
Hope Cody still doing well
All the best
Rosy in England