Friday, July 27, 2007

Chemo Dog!

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Cody had his first chemo treatment was kind of a crazy day, with taking Tim to the airport at 5 am, driving up to Corvallis for a 9:45 appt, being there til 11:30, leaving Cody there and driving home, leaving to go back up at 3:30 and not leaving Corvallis til 6:30, meaning we got home at 7:15 as I sped pretty much all the way home.

But it was a good day. Cody did fine; any side effects will start tomorrow. Most common is nausea, and they have two drugs that they can give you for that: one is cheap and only sort of effective, one is very expensive ($200 to treat nausea for one chemo appt, more than the chemo itself) and very effective. They asked if I was OK giving Cody a subcutaneous (under the skin) injection, and I said sure; we did sub-q on our old cat girls for many years. The good news is that the highly effective drug, in subq form, is only $25. So i got that and gave him his first shot today while he was eating, he gave me a 'whatcha doing'" look but other wise seemed fine.

Needless to say, no knitting was done yesterday, even though I was doing a lot of sitting around. I spent time talking with other pet Moms waiting diagnoses (hi Bean the Cat's Mom! Hi Roxie the dog's Mom!). The good news was that both Bean and Roxie are cancer! Yay! It was good to be part of a bit of happiness in what can be a very sad place.

Cody is scheduled for 5 chemo treatments every 3 weeks, and Dr. H. feels pretty confident he'll stick around (Cody that is) for all of them. That is happy news for us. He feels so good that it's hard for us to believe that he is so very sick, and I forget that bad news is just around the corner. But we're living to enjoy every day. And that said...time for a walk and then a car ride to Borders. Good Puppy Times!


Carol said...

Awww. Cody looks pretty darned good! Cyber hugs for strength, and hope the days go way beyond your expectations :) A huggy woof to Cody!

Anonymous said...

Virtual Vacation Swap Pal: Cody looks loved! Glad he is doing well with his treatment.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad he's doing so well. Extra doggie treats for him!

Sheila E said...

What a wonderful picture of Dear Cody. He looks GREAT!! Sending good vibes, as usual!
I know that you are all doing your Very Best!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Beautiful Cody, we are pulling for you, Jazzie, DH and I. Wishing you a fast recovery and here's a doggy bone treat, too...

8=8 Lots more where those came from, too.

Juneau, you are a beautiful girl! And you have now got the bestest parents... 8=8 a little bone treat for you, too.

For Mom and Dad. Love from down south in Cal. You are such great parents.