Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Contain Your Enthusiasm..

Originally uploaded by kbshee you gaze upon this most exciting piece of knitting.

It's the back of a sweater. A raglan sweater..from the Rowan book...and it's pretty dull, if I do say so myself. THe original sweater in the book had a bit of intarsia on it, but I don't Do intarsia, so it is a solid color. It's Rowan Botany...a great yarn that is sadly discontinued.

But note the sort of rickrackiness on the bottom which gives the sweater a bit of a punch. Just a bit. Don't want to OverDo.


Carol said...

Me likes! A classic is the best way to go! I love your taste in knits!

Sheila E said...

It's a classic. I just love the sweet thing! You must be so proud!!