Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get Yer Paws Off My Sailor Girls!

jessie cat and the sailor girls
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sez Jessie Cat.

These socks are so pretty. And there's a rumor afoot that there's going to be a sock club at A Swell Yarn Shop. I may have to skip it this time around but we'll see what happens at sign up time.

Not much to show or tell you as there hasn't been a lot of knitting here. First, it is hot. Yes, I know it is hot where you are too, and I'm sorry about that. And while it isn't too hot to knit, it must be getting close. Yesterday we reached 100 here in Eugene and today the high is to be 95 or so. Yes. Hot.

Tim took Cody to the Vet Clinic in Corvallis yesterday for more tests and examinations Cody spent most of the day there and then we drove back up late afternoon to pick him up and meet with Dr. Helfand, the oncologist. The bottom line is that the tests there confirmed what our vet Priscilla had thought about Cody's lumps and bumps, which is all basically positive except for his foot. Dr. H. thinks that radiation might be problematic for Cody, since his foot is so slender and radiation might hurt more than it helps.

So today Tim goes back up to meet with the oncological surgeon, and then we'll schedule the surgery to remove the sarcoma. It may be today, it may be tomorrow, it may be next week, but it will be soon. UPDATE: it will be tomorrow. He's spending the night in Corvallis and hopefully he'll be home at the end of the day tomorrow.

Cody is handling this all fine...he's been patient with missing breakfast in order to arrive fasted, he's been great in the one hour car ride in the hot weather, he's tolerated having his entire belly shaved to have an ultrasound, and he's been fine with constant poking to draw samples of his various lumps and bumps. He is such a great dog. I know everyone feels that way about their dogs, but he really is incredibly trusting and loving with all types of people. If you can, please continue to hold a good thought for our little guy for the next week or so. Cody really appreciates it, and sends a big puppy smile your way.

The feeling is that they won't get all the cancer, and that we have to be comfortable with the risk that the cancer will return. The alternative that, that is, to make him 100% cancer free, is amputation, and while he would probably do fine with that we're just not ready to go to that place yet. I think Dr. H. agrees with that, so we'll go with the surgery and see what happens.

Stay cool!


Alyssa said...

Gorgeous cat and socks!

Happy to hear you have some options with Cody. I agree that amputation sounds so extreme, but then again, dogs seem to do alright with it. I hope it doesn't come to that. Lots of good thoughts your way. I just love puppy smiles. :)

Angela said...

Geesh, what a rough year with the furry friends! I will have all our furry critters send happy thoughts your way! :)
Cute pic with the socks and kitty! Love the caption :P

Anonymous said...

Great socks! I agree with Alyssa on how dogs seem to do well with amputation. DH's cousins had a dog aptly named Tripod (they got him after the amputation). Tripod did very well and was the fastest dog I ever saw!

It is great you don't have to make that decision yet, though. I am not sure I could.

Sheila E said...

DEFINITELY sending white light to surround your sweet Cody...and the both of you as well!
Keep the faith My Dear!
I will as well. Thanks for keeping us posted.
And....Jessie and I are in complete agreement....lovely socks...look comfy too ;)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Codester!