Monday, July 23, 2007

Let The Summer Begin!

I turned in my grades for my summer school class, and so let the summer officially begin!

I finished the Deathly was very complex, and you really had to pay attention...and not nearly enough of the Hogwartians we love so well (other than Harry, Ron and Hermione, of course). Lots of death. But a good ending and the last 150

Now, on to Summer! I have a couple academic papers I want to crank out, as well as editing the Word of Mouth book that I have written about (and may be out by the end of the year). And knitting...lots of knitting. I'm planning to try to finish off the Aran Afghan that I've been working on forever...time to get that one finished! And lots of new things in the works, including the stained class fan bag that you might have seen at Julia's site as well as socksockssocks and figuring out what to make with my new obsessions: Rowan Yarns.

Tim is off to St. Louis this weekend..we were both supposed to go as one of my former students is getting married, but Cody starts chemo on Thursday and we don't feel right leaving him alone r giving this task to someone else. So I'll have lots of knitting time (think Aran Afghan and Mystery Stole).

Today, though, the main task is to clean off my desk and organize the yarn, patterns, bills (oops), academic articles and mole recipes that have all collected there for the past several weeks. Hopefully that will make me feel like I accomplished something!


Carol said...

Woo Hoo for summer! That's gotta feel great! Sounds like a great lineup, and looks like I found a new regular read at Julia's! Please give Cody a little hug for me?

Ling said...

Hurray for summer. Hope you get loads done! If you ever need anything Rowan-wise, let me know.

I loved the HP book too! I do feel a bit sad that's it's all finished!