Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life Right Now

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We are in a moment of peace and calm..Tim is home, Cody feels pretty good, and Juneau seems to love being with us.

It's hard to take a picture of her, I think because she's just a bit bigger than we're used to. She is so mellow, and has a sweet and gentle nature. We introduced her to the other dogs in the neighborhood at the ersatz dog park and she did great. She met 4 pound Century this morning and was very polite. She has exchanged sniffs with Louise the rabbit and even the Captain doesn't scream bloody murder when she wanders over by his cage.

.5 clue 4
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She wants nothing except to be with us and Cody, which is beautiful.

She also seems to be blissfully ignorant of chewing anything, and doesn't seem to even acknowledge that knitting happens in the house. She sat with me while I finished the first half of Clue 4 and gives her puppy look of approval.


Kim said...

Congrats on your new pup, and your MS3 looks wonderful!

Stephanie said...

She is SO beautiful. You can tell what a sweet nature she has. I hope you'll keep us posted about her. :)

Lucy said...

Welcome Juneau - she is so beautiful!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Beautiful Pup --- and the progress on the MS3 is great. I ahve ripped mine out and am starting over........

Rachel said...

Glad to hear Cody is doing better...and what a beautiful new pup! your mystery shawl looks great!

btw--in response to your comment, I've been to alaska 3 times now and all three times it's been for work and I haven't gotten to see hardly anything. It's looking like maybe I'll be spending more time up there for work next year so hopefully I can actually 'spend some time' in AK!

Carol said...

Well the stole is smashing! And jeeze, Juneau is a beautiful creature. She has an inverted Nike swish on the side of her face! I'm so happy to hear Cody is doing well with his treatment :)