Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Timbers are Shivering!

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I joined the Yarn Pirate sock club, and the first package came today. It includes a gorgeous skein of 'rum runner' yarn, as well as a button, a magnet, and a cake of soap. Very cool, and gorgeous yarn. I love me a sock club. What isn't too love? Who can't do without more sock yarn?

Sorry I haven't posted in a good reason why except it is the end of my short summer term and I've been busy wrapping that up, as well as moving ahead with things on my word of mouth book and, of course, taking care of and spending time with Cody. He's doing great...he's basically the same wonderful dog he has always been, only with a bit less hair (from the shaving). We start chemo a week from tomorrow. Our vets warn that there is a very small likelihood that it will extend his life to any great extent, but if we didn't do this we would always wonder if we should have. So we will. There are very, very few downsides with doing chemo with dogs, but we will stop if there is any discomfort or pain with him at all.

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This is a bad picture (mostly because I tried to find a way to photograph this and avoid showing you all the non-sewn-in bits) but here is my first Summer Solstice Slip Sock (or something like that) from the Rockin' Socks Club most recent mailing. It's a great color, and the pattern is complex enough to look cool but simple enough to work while watching mindless TV.

SPeaking of which...anyone watching "Ice Road Truckers"? We taped it last night....we sort of got a little hooked on "Deadliest Catch" and this is supposed to be sort of like that. I'm a bit embarassed to tell you this but I'll go ahead: we tend to eat up those type of programs while the 'quality' stuff like Simon Schama's Story of Art and Planet Earth await quietly on the DVR for those times we have nothing at all to watch. Oh well.


Alyssa said...

I am sooooo jealous of your yarn pirate kit. So jealous!

Solstice slip is awesome and I'm so happy to hear Cody is doing well.

2 weeks from tomorrow and I'll be rolling into Oregon. :)

Anonymous said...

I got my booty too! Love it! I'm glad the puppy is doing better! Poor thing! I totally watch Ice Road Truckers! I didn't know they even existed and I am in awe of those guys!

Carol said...

Love that new sock! I'm not afraid of unwoven ends!!! Glad to hear Cody is doing well, sounds like you made a good choice. I hope it brings more thank anticipated time for you all:) What a re these shows about? Sounds like something I could get very interested in, I love Planet Earth!

Kim said...

I love Planet Earth - to me, it's relaxing TV. No plot, narration pretty much useless, but oh the photos! And nothing that's going to get you really energized before bed.