Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Sleeve Vortex

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I've been working on the sleeves for my Short Raglan Sweater from "The Best of Rowan". I finished both the front and the back, and now am in the sleeve vortex. It is a raglan sleeve, and I am still on the increases: two stitches added every third row. Once I get to the decreases, though, it should go a bit faster, as there are two decreases every right side row.

We had some (relatively) good news about Cody today...the cancer has not spread and we will be working with an oncologist at the OSU vet school to figure out the next steps. We might do some radiation to shrink it a bit before it is removed, or the guy at OSU might be able to take it off wtihout it, perhaps having radiation after. We're lucky that the timing is right and we both have some free time to travel around Oregon taking Cody to see various vets. Our vet Priscilla thinks that once we get through this he can have his full life as expected (ie he'd have a good four years left with us), I would honestly be happy to split the difference at this point. But anyway, we're starting on the journey with him, and hopefully in a few months this will all be behind us. Thanks for your good thoughts about our little guy. He sends a big 'nose buzz' to all.


Sheila E said...

I am pleased to know that you can help Cody. With such great "parents" he will be surrounded in much love and support....and....that's half of the battle. He Wants to be here with you!
Thanks for the update!! I will continue sending good thoughts to all of you!
Your sleeves are great. I love the patterning and the yarn is such a beautiful color!
Thanks too for your support to Annie Modesitt!

Alyssa said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up for Cody. It's a difficult time, but you must be relieved that you aren't helpless.

The sleeves are looking good. I really love that color. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the promising news about Cody! Big 'nose buzz' back at him.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear some good news about Cody! We'll be sending go thoughts your way.

Carol said...

That's really good news! Yay Cody!