Thursday, July 05, 2007

Things that have not changed in two days

-I'm still working on the sleeves
-I'm still not finished with Clue #1
-MS3 still looks nothing like the pictures posted by 'good' lace knitters
-the plants in the front yard are still not planted

However, I have kayaked an additional four miles, have a somewhat more even tan (I know, bad me), and have kept one dog from completely freaking out on Independence Day.


kitkatknit said...

Kayaking is important! I wish I got out more often.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize about MS3, I struggled with it all last night. Blocking is supposed to be magic...right?

Carol said...

I was a sissy about joining this one. Hope I don't regret it. Kudos on a calm pooch on the 4th!