Saturday, July 21, 2007

Three down...

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I finished the third clue of MS3...and thought I'd share a photo that includes the beads! I'll post one of the whole hot mess later but thought you'd like to see that indeed I'm doing the beaded option.

I'm on a Potter break...I'm trying to savor HPATDH instead of rushrushrushing through it...and to do so, I did check the epilogue on Wikipedia to see who died. Or rather, to see who, if anyone, of the Harry-Ron-Herminione trio dies. I'm not telling. But it does make it easier to savor the book. And man, is it something!

I'm luckily working on a mindless raglan sweater which is perfect Potter knitting.

Before I get back to it, I wanted to answer a few questions/comments that I've received:

1. First, this is an oldie, but yes, Alyssa, anyone who is an official Oregonian has to own a variety of outdoor sports equipment and, even more importantly, use it regardless of the weather (which, frankly, is either wet or not. Mostly wet. But really not cold, and never really hot).

2. "The Deadliest Catch" is a Discovery Channel show that follows the 'adventures' of crab fishermen in the Bering Sea. While it gets a bit repetitive (look, a big pot of crabs) it is oddly fascinating. Those who live in Florida might enjoy a little break from hot weather by watching it.

3. Similarly, "Ice Road Truckers" looks at people who drive trucks on the Ice Road in Northern Canada. Being on the history channel, it doesn't have quite the creative title as "The Deadliest Catch". Anyway, these trucker guys drive across frozen lakes to bring supplies to diamond mines in Canada (hey, did YOU know there were diamond mines in Canada? I thought they were all in Africa or something. You know, "Blood Diamond." Anyway). We've only seen one episode but taped a mini-marathon. Not quite the absorbing plot lines (basically, will the trucks crash and will the ice crack seems to be it) but the truckers do hang out at a bar called the Monkey Tree in Yellowknife, Canada. That makes me laugh.

4. Um, ravelry? Too cool. Carol, are you there? I looked for you and couldn't find you.

Enjoy the HP book everyone!

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Carol said...

Thanks for the info on the shows! I do like to see what goes on outside my little world and love to see other lifestyles. I am in Ravelry, but need to take time to properly set it up, I may liested as btrulyirish but believe I'm knit and run. I'm waiting for the layoff at the end of Aug to have real time to do this. The shawl looks great! It must be fun to be in this, but I have baby stuff to get done really soon. It's all stealth for now ;) Also hoping to end my internet connection issues before this afternoon.