Friday, August 17, 2007

Bits and Pieces

clue 5
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1. Here is the end of Clue 5, the first half or so of the 'wing' of the Mystery Shawl. Only about 98 or so rows left for me, the end is sort of near but not really.

2. Cody had his second chemo treatment yesterday and it went fine...dropped him off, picked him up, welcomed him home, and wondered which dog had the bad gas :-). He's doing fine today and sends his regards to all.

3. Stella's dosage of phenobarbital is miraculous. She hasn't had a seizure that we could tell for over two weeks, she's less nervous and jumpy, and still retains her essential Stella-ness. So it was a good decision!

Originally uploaded by kbshee
4. I'm in the sleeve vortex for my Duffy sweater. Here is visual proof.

5. We had a fun dinner out at a Eugene restaurant called "Savoy Truffle' with Steve and Jen last Wednesday..good food and a really terrific atmosphere, it was like having dinner at a friend's house. Please visit if you're a local.

6. I have about 2. 5 inches done on the ribbing of the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. Love the Rowan felted tweed.


Alyssa said...

That's great news about your furry kids.
Looks like you have some great projects going right now. Looking forward to seeing your tangled yoke cardigan. What color are you using?

Carol said...

Great news, great knits! Sounds like both Stella and Cody are doing great :)

Probably Jane said...

Lovely colour choice for the shawl.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Just to make you more envious it was the 40th Anniversary festival so they brought together the Liege and Leif lineup (with the obvious exception) and performed the songs from the album on Friday night.