Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hard and Easy

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The theme of today's blog post: things that are hard, and things that are easy. Much of the hard/easy dichotomy involves photographs. As you will see.

1. Hard=photographing the completion of the 4th clue (!!!) of the Mystery Stole. It is just getting too damn big.

I sort of put my nose to the grindstone and powered through the last 30 or so rows yesterday, and now am ready to start on Clue 5. Clue 6 comes out tomorrow. I am not as hopeless as I was, which makes me feel oddly good.

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2. Easy=photographing Juneau. She must have been a contestant on America's Next Top Model in a former life since she is always up for having her picture taken. She is showing a bit more of her true colors (a little bit of aggression around other dogs) but still eager to please and a very quick learner. And so beautiful.

3. Hard=pronouncing Juneau's name. Just in case you were wondering, it is pronounced like the Alaskan capital city. Or like enchanting. Or like Juno. Sorry for any confusion

.4. Hard=waiting for IK. I even emailed them. They said if I haven't received it by 8/17 (8/17!!!!) to let them know. @#*%&!. I'm a baby. I know.

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5. Hard=photographing the Great American Aran Afghan, which is now completely seamed and needs only (ONLY! she says ha ha ha) to be a. blocked; b. the border thingee to be knit and c. the knitted border thingee attached.

6. Hard=even imagining the GAAA finished.


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your GAAA. I have heard that some of the blocks are very challenging.

Kim said...

Wow, that GAAA is awesome! What a lot of work! I'm sure you'll finish it in no're so close!

Irie said...

Wow, your GAAA is almost done! Compared to how much time you've already invested in knitting and seaming, the rest will fly by... right? :)

Photographing big white afghans can be hard. First of all, they are big. Second of all, they are white. Here are some suggestions:

1. Wrap yourself in the afghan and give Tim the camera.
2. Hang it from a clothesline or drape it over a couch/table for full larger shots...
3. Fold it strategically (so your favorite squares are front-and-center) for some close-up shots for us to drool over! :)
4. Flash photos might wash out the white and lose the fabric texture. Try finding a spot and time of day where you can photograph in natural light, so the shadows emphasize the patterned squares.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to reading/seeing more. :)

Alyssa said...

Oh! I can't wait to see the finished afghan. Yay!

Juneau is a beautiful dog. I'm sure you'll have many happy years together. :)

Love the mystery stole. It's going to be so neat when it's done.

Carol said...

Holy cow woman! A GAAA?!!! Gaa!!!
You're a regular knitting machine! Brava!