Saturday, August 25, 2007

If Lovin' You is Wrong..

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Dear Rowan Cashsoft 4 Ply,

Even though Elann just recently introduced us, I have to write and tell you how deeply, deeply attracted I am to you, and how I wonder if there is any way we might spend a bit more time together getting to know each other.

Yes, I know we're busily involved on the Cardigan for Arwen (aside: which is one of the silliest names for a project that I can imagine) and every single stitch has been an incredible pleasure. You're soft. You're bendy. You hold stitch definition sooo nicely. YOu make my cables look scrumptuous. Is it your microfiber? Your little bitty touch of cashmere? What is it?

I find myself dreaming of all the projects we could make together. Socks.
Thermal . Mittens. What wouldnt be wonderful if you and I got together to do it?

I've heard the rumors, the rustlings, the can be a pill, you can prey upon weak areas like elbows and heels, you won't go the distance, but I'm holding my hands over my ears and humming loudly to block out all the naysayers. Because we have something special, you and I. Don't you think?

Looking forward to our next row,

love ya,



Kim said...

Oohhh my. Rowan Cashsoft, eh? I saw the sale in Elann's recent newsletter. Sounds nice. Might. Have. To. Buy. . .

Rachel said...

I've been eying the Arwen...can't wait to see your progress on it...and the looks of the cashsoft from here is very tempting! Good luck with it and I hope the yarn is nice to you!

Thanks for the suggestion about life as a PhD student...I think that I'll be able to manage some down time but I don't think I'll be able to work it all into a 9 to 5 schedule. Which is okay since a portion of the stuff I'm doing is truly mindless (grinding veg with an ipod on is like downtime to me)!

Minh said...

Wait, Cashsoft is two-timing me?! (I made mittens with it already and I've got 10 skeins waiting to be knitted into a vest)

Anonymous said...

LOL That's looking great, and if anyone's ever made me want to try a yarn with a post, I think you just did haha

Alyssa said...

Oh! I had no idea Elann had it...must go look. I'm just going to look...not buy...really. :)

Carol said...

Careful your hubby doesn't find out! Guess we should get ours before you buy all of it?

Ling said...

The RYC range is pretty good - if a bit expensive (even for us in the UK!)
Cardigan for Arwen is looking good. It's definitely on my to knit list. I just need some time to get round to knitting it!