Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Solstice Slip Socks!

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While I'm suffering with a bad, bad case of startitis, I tried to quell the desire to cast on by finishing something.

Really, photos can't do justice to the beauty that is this yarn. Definitely one of my favorites by BMFA (and to tell you the truth, I was seriously considering not re-upping to the sock club, but they hooked me again with this yarn. We'll see what the next kit looks like).

And why the startitis? I think because my other projects are Big Projects on Little Needles (ms3, my rowan sweater knit on size 2 needles to name just a few). I'm sort of craving something that is more, um, instant gratification. So how excited was I when "Twinkle's Big City Knits" arrived yesterday and I found a sweater I could make with less than 500 yards of chunky yarn and I think I have that in my stash?

Very excited.

The only problem was, when I looked, is that while I have 500 yards it is not all in the same color. So i think the ribbing will be brown and the body will be camel. I think it will look cool, and I think it will knit up like a firebolt. Pics manana.

And yes, an entire post with no dog news...which is good, because we're all just stretched out in a big puppy mess of love.


Anonymous said...

Very nice socks - I haven't used this yarn yet, but I agree - its my favorite so far in the club.

Anonymous said...

Instant Gratification sweater??? Where? Sign me up!

rosy said...

Juneau has such a lovely face! so gentle!! and a coat so soft looking!!
Glad to read that Cody is doing well now
Do you have any photos of the Captain? I would love to see him - does he have an interesting vocabulary?
I am always amazed at the amount you manage to knit - I have been knitting smallest size ballet cardigan for Kezia for yonks and yonks - it's a good job she won't need it until September!!
Best wishes
Rosy in England
ps I agree, the Yeats grave would make a great feature if one was selling!!

Carol said...

Haha they got you! But the socks are nice! I have slugatism right now. Many.Baby.Things.To.Knit.And.Crochet.

Ling said...

Lovely socks - I can see how they hooked you in again. Just enjoy the sock club!

Glad to see lots of puppy love in your home. Hope Cody is well.

About rowan yarns - I love knitting with the Wool Cotton, Calmer, All Seasons Cotton & Denim. I do collect some of these yarns too!