Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What I can't find

My rainpants
My rubber boots
Size 3 circs

But other than that I think I'm ready. Off until the weekend after Labor Day for good times in Canada with Tim, Cody and Juneau.
See you soon!


Carol said...

Have a great time! At least it's not one of trips where you're going to find yourself! Have a blast!

Alyssa said...

Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

OK I'll play along. What I can't find? Maybe they are at a convention we don't know about.

My rainpants!
Size 3 circs 16"
My green hat

Anonymous said...

Alyssa can attest to the night at our knitting group when I was trying to cast on a set of socks....and all I had with me were 6 pair of size 3 circs. (I normally need size 0 or 1) Who in their right mind needs 6 pair?

Ling said...

Have a good trip.

Ps - Arwen and Tangled Yoke Cardigan are on my to knit list. Looking forward to seeing progress on yours.

Kim said...

Have a great time!