Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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Or however you spell it.

Here is my first sock from the new Cat Bordhi book, the spiraling corialus pattern, using STR Dreidel. It's a cool pattern (look closely, you can see the spiral going from the botton left to the top right). The spiral will then go around the foot and then I'll bind off.

I cast on a few too many stitches, so it is a bit loose around the upper instep but not too bad. And it will probably shrink up a bit. But I like it. And the pattern is fun to knit!

It is the first week of classes and so a bit nutty, and I"m off for an overnight to San Francisco on Friday, but I'll try to get a more informative post in soon.


Beverly said...

That's one of the neatest sokc treatmeats I've ever seen. You gotta love the way she thinks outside the box.

Sheila E said...

Great socks!! You are a bizzy bee!
Have fun in SF ;)