Friday, October 19, 2007

C and C

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AKA "Cables and Corrugations".

This is my second sock from Cat Bordhi's book, "New Pathways for Sock Knitters." Anyone who reads my blog knows the esteem in which I hold Cat Bordhi. This sock does not disappoint. The pattern has a braided cable on the sides of the foot (and one will also up the leg), and the brads are offset by bands of purls. It would be pretty without the purls...and with a different cable (like an XO)..and one of the wild things about the book is that NOW I can go design the sock and KNIT IT with confidence since Cat has made it so easy to substitute whatever you want to do.

And the yarn. THE YARN! It is from Zen Yarn Garden, the Harmony collection of semi-solids, in soem of the purtiest pinks you ever did see. Beautiful yarn dyed by the Lovely Roxanne. SHe has her own web site and also sells on Etsy.


Beverly said...

The pinks in the socks are indeed some of the purtiest. I haven't had a chance to check out the sock book, but the ones you've chosen are pretty.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I like the purl section on the top of the foot - very different.

Carol said...

I saw a sweater pattern they would be perfect with! Isn't this book "da bomb"?! I just love the way Cat's mind works :) Your new socks are gorgeous!