Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Half a sweater...

Originally uploaded by kbshee good.

Not reall half a sweater...just the right front half and half a hood and a sleeve of my Arwen. The back is about 2/3 done. And now comes the sad tale...I had knit about 3" of the left front half before I realized I had made a huge error in the cable and it looked like poop. So I ripped the whole thang out and cast on again.

So not a whole lot of knitting to show you (which will be a theme for a bit).

I did get another row done on the TYC...440 stitches took me about 40 minutes. Not bad. And my stitch count seemed spot on, which was good.

Eugene knitters: visit ClayFest at the Fairgrounds this weekend!


Carol said...

That looks really nice Kim. Great color too!

Ling said...

Sorry you had to rip out the left side. It's looking good!

I've ordered my yarn to start this as well!!