Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Socks! Done!

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And now, a haiku in honor of my socks.

I love my new socks:
Spiraling Coriolis.
Cat Bordhi rocks hard.

Edited to add: check out the comments for another haiku.
Now that I"ve made these socks once, I think I could make them in my sleep...they seem complex and LOOK complex but they're not! They're terrific! And I love how they make variegated yarn that has a bit of a pooling issue look good. And they're comfortable.

And of course, I immediately cast on for my next pair, the Cables and Corrugations, using Harmony Sock Yarn from Zen Yarn garden. I did the pontoon toe which was a bit of a challenge but looks good.

I also have my arwen in progress and promised myself this morning not to start another thing until the GAAA is done.

Oh, and the TYC is blocking. It's blocking! Hoorah!


Ling said...

The socks look gorgeous. That's one more book for me to buy!
Can't wait to see the finished TYC.
Ps - How was Clay Fest? Wish I could have gone. I once was an aspiring potter.

Anonymous said...

Kim knits sometimes not
contagious coriolis
blossoming on feet

A Haiku deserves a haiku! So glad you are loving this architecture - if I had to live on a desert island with only one kind of sock to knit, knitting the same design over and over, this would no doubt be it. I think.

I am very fickle, and instead live on a non-deserted island with lots of yarn and needles, so don't have to choose!


Alyssa said...

Awesome socks! I'm going to have to knit some...if I ever knit again...just kidding. But that puppy is sure eating up the knitting time.

Oh, and I wanted to let you know before I do a blog post about it, I'm pregnant! That's the main reason knitting has fallen to the wayside. I've just been so sleepy. :)

Carol said...

I missed way too much! I love these socks! And now you're famous too;)

CardiLover said...

OMG! Cat Bordhi actually commented on your haiku...on your blog! And to think I squeed when Amy Singer commented back to my comment on her blog. Wow! Definitely a knitting brush with fame to brag about! :)
Obviously I've been away from the blogosphere awhile and catching up...sorry for the late comment!