Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tell Me, Have You Ever Tried...

Originally uploaded by kbshee take a photograph of the bottom of your foot?

It isn't easy, I tell ya. But I wanted to take a picture of my Cables and Corrugations sole so you could see the genius way you do increases on this toe up sock patern. Look closely...there is a triangle that starts a few inches from the toe and grows over the foot to end at the heel. Isn't that cool?

And you know what? You could reverse the sock, and put the sole triangle on the top, and do a cool pattern in the triangle, and then micky with it and do the heel. It is just such a great idea. But then, you know what I think about Cat Bordhi in terms of rockiness.

Cody is at his (possibly) last chemo treatment and we'll have results of the ultrasound today. I'm very gloomy about this..not because of what the news will say (I mean, the best we can hope for is that the growth is slow) but that we've passed another milestone with him: at first we hoped he would just get through the surgery, then we hoped he would last long enough to go on vacation, then we hoped he would make it through all the chemo treatments. No more milestones/benchmarks left...just the final, sad one.

I'm still happy for the time we have with him, and that he still feels so good, it just gets harder and harder to see the bright side.


Alyssa said...

I'm so sorry about Cody, but in his doggy way I'm sure he knows you love him and that you've done everything you could for him. Nothing makes it easy to say goodbye to our furry friends, but what a joy they bring to our lives for the short time we know them.

Carol said...

I think you're just loving this new book of Cat's as much as all of us! You're certainly doing her designs justice and defying some gravity laws too;) You know how I feel about {{Cody Boy}}.