Monday, October 15, 2007

What should I make?

stash enhancement
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As I mentioned yesterday, I had a little adventure at The Knit Shop. I went in to purchase some stitch markers and the new IK Holiday Gifts, and ended up with a few fiber goodies.

And yes, I know that taking the picture on top of a quilt is dumb.

Anyway, at the top, regia nation color sock yarn. I would normally gag at the yarn in the ball like this, but she had a sample knitted up into socks and they are the most cheerful socks you ever did see. So into the basket it jumped.

At the bottom, two skeins of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. I've never knit with this, but the colors really pulled me in.

And as I was checking out, the wonderful sale on Manos was pointed out to me, and I grabbed three skeins. You see them in the middle

So what to make? Socks with the top yarn, obviously. I'd like to make some type of felted bucket bag with the manos. Any thoughts on what to do with the Fantasy Naturale? Some type of scarf, perhaps a moebius something?

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