Monday, October 01, 2007

You Want Some Boring Knitting Pictures?

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Well, I have them for you!

I have been getting some knitting done, it's just nothing very exciting to see. Take, for example, these two grey chimneys which are the sleeves for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. As soon as the sleeves are done, I'll attach them to the rest of the sweater and then I'll get to do the challenging yet stunning cable pattern on the yoke. But until the sleeves are done, no fun stuff to show! I have about 15 or 16 inches done and I think I have to get to 18 inches, so I'm close. But you know how those last few inches go. Especially in the sleeve vortex.

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And if two grey chimneys are not enough, how about a big swatch of blue stockinette? This is the back to Arwen. Yes, you are supposed to knit it first but being the Wild and Crazy Knitter that I am, I started on the fun stuff first. But for my allday meeting in SF on Saturday, I took this. So between a few moments in the airport and 7 hours of meeting, I ended up wtih about 15 inches of fabric needed for the back. So I"m quite pleased with this. Even though it is boring to look at.

And in Jessie news: she may have a UTI, she may not. But we have her on antibiotics, and added a third litter box, and have had about 40 hours without inappropriate urination behavior. We also have a plastic tarp over our bed. So chic! Hopefully our efforts will make her happier and feeling better. And us too.


Kimberly said...

Progress is never boring! Hope your cat is doing better soon!

Shelly said...

My cat did that too and it turned out to be a UTI. She was fine with meds. I hope your kitty gets better soon, too. BTW, love your Leonard Cohen quote. I just discovered his music. Man.....good stuff.