Saturday, November 10, 2007

Assembling Arwen

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As those of you who read my exciting post last night know, I finished the knitting on the Arwen last night and was excited to start putting it together today. Not. About the excited part. Anyway, I really don't like finishing things but that's just me.

I decided (with much input from Tim) that Arwen needs to be finished slowly when the mood strikes. So today, I grafted the top of the hood, sewed the back seem of the hood together, and sewed one of the sleeves together. I need to now:
-seam the second sleeve
-attach the back at the shoulders
-sew the bottom of the hood to the back
-sew the side seams (although the pattern does not tell you to do this)
-and finally, sew the seam at the bottom.


As you might have heard about this pattern, the sleeves are very narrow. Now I don't know about you, but the days of my buff upper arms are gone. Even so, I only measure about a foot around my upper arm. This sweater is about 13" around, but I'm hoping after I block the whole shebang that I can get a little room there. It will fit (with either a thin, tight t or a cami underneath) but I'd like it to be a bit roomier.

So next came the big decision: what to start next (even though I know I need to finish the @#$*& border of the Great American Aran Afghan and just get 'er done). I have the yarn for a House Sweater from Charmed KNits which should be pretty mindless, so I'm going to cast on for that. And then when the term ends, I'll start the Fan Bag and another cable sweater.

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Carol said...

Arwen looks so nice! I'm with you on the finishing. I don't like. But in the end, you'll have a nice sweater and it seems you may get that bit of extra ease after blocking. Buff? heh, it's been quite some time...