Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Border without an Afghan

gaaa border
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I finally finished the border of the Great American Aran Afghan. It is basically a repeated cable all the way around with some short row corners. Anyway. It now needs to be a. blocked and b. sewn onto the afghan. I might try to tackle that over Thanksgiving, but maybe not.

It has been a busy week work wise,hence no posts. It's the 8th week of a ten week term, and we hosted two candidates for a job in my department. I am the chair of the search committee so I was pretty much the 'host' for the visit. Between making sure the candidates know where they are and making sure my colleagues show up and don't blow off their meetings, it can be pretty stressful. Add to that: one of my colleagues provided misinformation to one of the candidates about workload, and another candidate wanted some last minute changes in his schedule. Just sort of nutty.

I've been so pooped I've only been physically capable of knitting stockinette, and so my House Sweater in Elsebeth Lavold silky wool is progressing quite nicely. No work on my c and c sock for yonks, but will get back to it soon.

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Carol said...

Ah, the great work going nuts week! Good luck, a little vacation is almost here!