Friday, November 02, 2007

A few days late...

halloween 2007
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...but not bad.

I think we were carving the pumpkins at 5pm on Halloween, but we did get them done and out into the front yard to welcome the hoards (or not) of kiddos coming by for Halloween. We had three groups: two little neighbor girls with parents at about 6:45, then two large groups of 5 or 6 kids at 8:15. So we now have quite a bit of chocolate etc left over, which is fine by us.

Another busy week (only 3.5 weeks of classes left, hooray for that and for thanksgiving) with meetings and visitors and whiney undergrads. But that is pretty much life as usual for me.

Not much knitting going on, I'm looking forward to two football games this weekend on TV. Tomorrow is my last Saturday class in Portland, so the last 5:30 am Saturday wake up call for a while. I'm so looking forward to that too!

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