Friday, November 30, 2007

Home Stretch

Classes are done, the final projects are almost all in, and I have one (multiple choice) exam to give on Tuesday and then a little grading push and I'm done. Hopefully in a week my grades will be all finished and I'll have a few weeks of 'quiet' (I have a chapter to finish, and books to read for next term, but other than that there should be plenty of knitting and reading time).

Not much knitting wise to show...I'm almost halfway through the front of my House Sweater but that's a bunch of boring stockintette. I think I've done three rounds of the stain glass bag and I'll do more tomorrow during the Duck game, and then I'll have some stuff to show you.

Have you seen the Kauni yarn? They have it on preorder at Webs and you can knit the famous Kauni Cardigan with it (Stephanie did one, here is a close up at her blog . I can't do this cardigan because a. steeks and b. colorwork but I do want to make something fabulous with the yarn. Oh yes, I bought some. Oops forgot to mention that. Anyway, some fun ideas on Ravelry so we'll see what I come up with.

But I really must stop buying yarn. I've dropped out of several sock clubs (bmfa, pick up sticks) not because I don't love the yarn, just because I'm drowning in sock yarn and need to, um, make some socks. I've been in a sweater mood which is not good (at least there really aren't any sweater clubs out there) (are there?).


Beverly said...

I've seen some wonderful projects done with the Kauni. Good luck with the yarn diet. I find it hard to stick for a long period of time.

Sheila E said...

I would say that you are doing beautifully on your "2007 Knit from Stash"!! Just look....85 balls/skeins/hanks....Amazing!
Congrats on getting done *with school* for a little while!...geesh what will you be able to accomplish with days?'re awesome...REALLY!!

Jeanne said...

I saw a shawl done with the Kauni and it was beautiful! Good luck with the yarn diet - I'm on one myself and it has been hard to resist buying!