Tuesday, November 20, 2007

House Sweater

house sweater
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I started my Ravenclaw House Sweater from the book Charmed KNits in Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold. The book has the sweater as a dark grey, but I ordered a light blue grey which I really like. Yes, it is miles upon miles of stockinette but that really isn't bad. When you're tried. And brain dead. It kinda works.

See the stripe? Lookie, friends, colourwork (snicker). There will also be stripes around the sleeve cuffs. Pretty crazy, eh?

So are you ready for Thanksgiving? Tim is making a dinner for our friends Steve and Jen that we'll take over tomorrow, and then we'll make our traditional Paella on Thursday. And chocolate volcanos. Volcanoes? Yum.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving to all!


Kim in Oregon said...
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Carol said...

Love the sweater! You're a regular knitting machine! Go Kim go!