Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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I realized I had never posted a picture of me wearing my finished Arwen, so here it is! My hair looks particularly good today too, so it is a good time to take a picture.

It is also a good time to show you this because there isnt a lot of other knitting getting done, due to busy-ness at school.

The sweater is held together by a beautiful closure that you can't see. But it was a gift to me from the artist. If you're looking for beautiful knitting gifts, visit Sheila and Michael Ernst's website here and check out the lovely things. The 'shawl closure' link will take you to the place on the site where you can see the beautiful closures that can be used for shawls or for sweaters like I'm wearing...these would be nice for a non-knitter on your list. And if you don't have one of their orifice hooks, or some of their glass needles, then put them on your list asap!


Ling said...

Love your cardigan! What a perfect picture - cardigan, hair and light. Off to check out the website now for some gifts for me!

Beverly said...

Arwen looks wonderful on you. Great job and sales pitch.

Sheila E said...

Congrats on getting your cardi done!! That is quite an accomplishment & It's beautiful!!
And....thanks..*blush*....for such a glowing recommendation of our work!!
Hope we get to meet up for coffee and a of these days soon!!

Alyssa said...

That is one gorgeous cardigan (and your hair is looking fab). :) Congrats on another beautiful knit!

Carol said...

How beautiful! I can't believe I missed Arwen's debut! It's gorgeous and you look great in it! Girl, your hair got long!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is nice but OMG your hair is AMAZING!