Monday, December 17, 2007

Could anything be harder to photograph..

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..than a wimple?

Here is my Ice Queen (aka my Wine Queen) from Knitty, made with cashmere/silk yarn. It is a pretty simple feather and fan pattern in the round,with little beads sprinkled through here and there. If I wasn't still in pj's I'd take a picture of this 'in action' for you, but I am so I won't.

This was a very quick and fun knit, and given that I have a lot of kidsilk haze and beads in the stash I will knit this one again. I like to have a little something around my neck and this is just the thing. I think it would also make a lovely gift for someone, and it was fun and fast fast fast to knit (did I mention that?). Probably will skip the picot bind off as well as the provisional cast on, since I don't think that adds a lot to it and it was a pain in the butt. What is the stretchiest cast on you know? Is it the tubular cast on? I'll have to give that one a try.


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We had a bit of a holly jolly weekend. We finished decorating the tree, and we also got most of our cards ready for mailing. The big fun, though, was decorating a gingerbread house for our friends Steve and Jen. They are expecting their second bambina any day now (hopefully tomorrow) and we thought it would be a fun decoaration for them to have (and practical too! Gingerbread!). I picked up a decorating kit from Michael's and while our final effort looks nothing, NOTHING, like the Martha-Stewart-esque fantasies in the brochure that comes with the kit, we were pretty pleased with the outcome. When in doubt, stick more stuff on it! That's our Gingerbread House motto!


Steve H. said...

Thank you! The gingerbread house is on display on our kitchen counter. As I told Tim & Kim, Evan thinks the three bears are living inside it, which I suppose is better than him pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf in search of a little pig!

Carol said...

What an adorable gingerbread house! Nice thought for the new parents:) Love your Ice Queen too, it came out gorgeous!