Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!

Won't it be nice to have some sunnier days? Well, here in Western Oregon, I guess it is more truthful to say some days that are less dark than they are now.

Not much knitting to show, because I'm in a sleeve vortex and I've just been knitting stockinette sleeves for the past few days. I'm on the sleeve caps so the end is near. I have a bad case of startitis because the Effekts yarn just arrived, as did some beautiful yarn from the Yarn Pirate that is just calling out to be made into socks.

And I have a hankering to do a pair of argyle socks (why? why?). Luckily there is plenty in the stash for infinite numbers of pairs.

We went out to look at the Christmas lights last wasn't raining, and it was likely to be the only night before Christmas with no rain. We took the dogs, and Juneau was not happy. She hid on the floor of the car and was just miserable. She didn't perk up until we were back on our street. As I think about her time with us, I realize we had never taken her out to the car in the dark before...she had been in the car in the dark, but she started driving while it was still daylight. I think when her old family left her they must have taken her out in the dark and dropped her somewhere, and she might have been remembering this. She is extremely clingy today which is fine, and I wish she could understand how much we love her and how we'd never do that to her, o or to any other member of our family.

Give your dogs and cats and birds and bunnies and, oh, your iguanas and your chincillas hugs from all of our fur and feather babies on this Solstice day.


Alyssa said...

Happy Winter Solstice!

I agree that pets remember things like that from their past. I recently had to take one of our cats to the vet and the minute he saw the carrier I think he had a flashback to being drugged and drive 4 days across the country. Poor thing.

We've been trying to acclimate Wrigley (the puppy) to different driving times and conditions. I think he'll do better once he is big enough to see out the window. :)

Alyssa said...

Oh, and we are having a tough time coming up with a name for our baby girl. I thought you may have come across some interesting ones as a professor. Any suggestions? :)