Friday, December 07, 2007

I have no more ideas for cute fan titles

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So I guess it is a good thing that I'm winding down on my fan bag!

I'm working on what is the final 'full' row of fans, after this row I'll start doing some decreases to make the pretty rounded bottom that this bag has. Then to felt it! I really do enjoy the knitting on this bag, so much that nothing has been knit on anything else.

I'm wearing my Tangled Yoke cardigan today for the first time, it took a couple blockings to get the sleeves long enough and to get the neckline right, but it is perfect (well, as perfect as a sweater that I make can be) now.

I have a few more grades to figure out; I'm waiting for one of my grad assistants to finish her block of grading and then I can finalize some student grades. I have two research projects to work on during break but no deadlines for either of them, so I'm pretty loosey goosey for the next few weeks. Hooray!


Carol said...

That is FANtastic! Sorry, you started it! I love your color selection, really very vibrant. Nice to have a project that's pure fun! Or, should we say, fan? Sorry, you started it! Have fun during your relaxing time!

Kim in Oregon said...

Carol, don't you mean HAVE FAN? Sorry, YOU started it!

Carol said...

~snort~ You're so FANNY!

Kim in Oregon said...

Carol and I are both eight year olds in the bodies of adult women.

Carol said...