Friday, December 14, 2007

It looks better in person

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Trust me.

This is 'ice queen', from Knitty. Instead of KSH as suggested in the pattern, I'm using Cashmere/Silk from Zen Yarn Garden . This yarn was the first yarn from the Sumptuous Sock Club. Anyway...there are also very pretty little beads here and there on this, and it is a fast knit (I cast on when, two days ago?). And fun to do. This yarn is really incredible to work with.

Today my theme is finishing. I need to put the handles on the Fan Bag (yes, they arrived yesterday, thanks Jimmy Beans), finish Tim's holiday surprise, and, um, sew the sleeves on a sweater I finished about a year ago. Yep. You read that right. I'm a slacker. It's the 'Cabernet Something" from IK. It has been sitting on my dresser for mumbmumblemumble and I need to finish it if for no other reason than to put it away and have it not live on the dresser anymore.

Plus I think I will cast on for the Diamond Aran (see list below) Because you can't have too many projects in the works, can you?.


Anonymous said...

Ice queen is very pretty! Can't wait to see all your FO's!

Carol said...

Now I'm jealous! In a nice way Kimmy. Are you putting beads in this? I'd love to make one, but I may omit the beads.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe you've already knit this! Lace and beads? The Mystery stole must of really changed you... :)