Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Second-to-Last Picture of the Fan Bag!

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I promise!

So, here it is in all its felted glory. It really did turn out beautifully, and I don't say that about a lot of things I do. I ordered a pair of handled from Jimmy Bean's, and I need to cut a circle of cardboard to keep the round shape at the bottom, but other than that the fork has been stuck in it.

Yesterday morning I wound some yarn (and Smooshy? Disaster) while I was trying to figure out what to make next (see list below). I axed the Celtic Tote for now, because while I love it, I, um, just made a tote. A trip to Michael's ended up with the purchase of some little beads, so I decided to jump into Ice Queen using the Cashmere/Silk yarn that is part of the Sumptuous Sock Yarn Club and really too beautiful to wear for socks. I was sort of surprised to see that there are only about 80 rows to be knit to do Ice Queen, and I did about 20 yesterday, so it should be a lickety split knit. And then on to the sweater.

If Ice Queen works out, it might be a good knit for Christmas gifts for next year, since Lord knows I have the yarn for it.


Carol said...

TA DA!!!! It's gorgeous! Awesome:)

Kris said...

That's awesome! I love it. That's so cool I can't stop looking at it. Wow.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful - wow!

Shelly said...

Gorgeous fan bag, just amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's SO cute! A lovely new FUN!