Saturday, December 22, 2007

You know what this means!

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I finished the sleeves to my House Sweater.... it just me, or are you the type of knitter that when s/he gets sort of close to finishing something, s/he just obsessively knits on that one thing to get it done? Because that is what I did with these sleeves...

....and that means that (while I still need to assemble it), I can cast on for something else!

And that means small projects!! I have four small projects in mind:

-a mini-Clapotis with my Kauna yarn (cast on: check)
-socks with beautiful new Yarn Pirate Yarn (cast on: check)
-argyles (not yet, but chomping at the bit to cast on) and
-gloves! I've never knit gloves but I think it would be a great use for all my sock yarn that must begin to be used up. I'm going to use some of the STR in the Raven collection that is black-blue-blackish.

And yes, I have a sweater and another pair of socks on the needles but still. I finished sleeves!

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Carol said...

Speed knitting at its best! I can't wait to see this sweater!