Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cables and Corrugations

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I finished these socks, which I'm sure you remember fondly.

You don't?

You mean you don't remember when I started these in October? And then got distracted by many many other shiny things til these socks got lost in the bottom of the knitting bag, to the extent that one of the needles can out of the sock and I didn't even notice?

It's not that I don't like the pattern...I's from the new (ok, not so new) Cat Bordhi book. The sock construction is really elegant. I think the problem was thus: the pattern lures you into thinking it is 'mindless' knitting and it isn't until you forget to cross a cable or do a row in purl that should have been in knit that you realize that the sock is quite flawed in its execution (lovely to look at, but flawed all the same).

The yarn..from Zen Yarn lovely.

So anyway, that's the story of the socks. Onward!

Originally uploaded by kbshee
Oh! And the amazing artist and all around cool person Sheila gifted me with the "You Make My Day" award! Thanks Sheila! I need to gift ten other bloggers who make my day (week/month/year); it will take me a while to winnow the list down to ten!


Carol said...

They sure look great to me! I love how the cables really show on these, even with multi colors in the yarn. Awesome Kim!

Rachel said...

Flawed or not, those socks look great! I loved the pictures of the pups enjoying the snow...I heard that Eugene got some with this storm! Me, growing weary of driving in it!

Anonymous said...

You are such an excellent blogger!!
I love reading what's going on with's always so amazing to me to see all that you accomplish!
It truly makes my day....although sometimes I fall behind and then I get a two/three for one...visit....Thanks for being there and such an inspiration!! ;)