Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diamond Aran Update

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You may have wondered about the Diamond Aran, and whether I've made any progress on this sweater

Alternatively, you may have a life.

Regardless, here is where I am with the Diamond Aran. The pattern is complex enough that I can't do it when I'm tired, yet simple enough to do during television that doesn't require a lot of attention (ie all television except for, perhaps, The Wire). So last weekend, during one and a half football games (sorry Peyton! Go Eli!) I got a good chunk done on the back. As you can see.

It is really very pretty, if I do say so myself.


Carol said...

I agree, perfectly pretty! And no, I don't have a life. I'm saving up for one though!

Rachel said...

no life or just a much needed distraction from the one I'm currently living? :)

I'd concur, it looks great so far!