Sunday, January 13, 2008

Glove Love

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I finished my first glove! I think I love knitting gloves! Love gloves!

These were made with some yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Raven collection: it might be Tlingit but I'm not sure.'s black with blue dye and really pretty...just a little more special than a plain black glove. It isn't perfect...the stitches are a bit loose around the base of the fingers and it is a bit snug overall (oops) and I could probably use a longer cuff but there will lots more gloves in my future so I'm sure I'll improve as time goes on.

And they were fast...I probably did this one glove in maybe 6 hours? I did it all on two circs...I did one of the fingers with three 4" long dpns but I found that it is much easier for me to use two circs than dpns. I think my biggest challenge is that I'm so used to circs that when I finish one needle I just drop the end of the circ that I'm using. But if yu do that with dpns, you end up, basically, dropping the dpn on the couch. Which tends to slow you (read: me) down considerably as you need to find the dpn and then try to remember NOT to drop it again.

Other than work on the glove, our day yesterday involved lots of football (yay Green Bay!) and hanging the new blinds we bought to replace the oh-so-cheap plastic blinds in two of our bedrooms.

My first class went well: good students, lots of interest, and a good discussion. Should be a good term!


Rachel said...

Nice job on the glove...glad to hear you are optimistic about the term! I'd like to be in that frame of mind!

Anonymous said...

Very nice glove!

Carol said...

And you did what you said you would! A great glove!

Irie said...

Love the glove! Gloves are so satisfying to knit, all fast and five fiddly fingers to soar through.

LOL at the dropped DPN - I feel like I'm in a goofy cartoon when I switch from circs to DPNs. It is just so predictable... will she drop it this time? will she drop it this time? will she ... yes, there it goes.

Glad you are off to a good start on the term! :)

Beverly said...

Nice glove they'll make a wonderful pair. Isn't funny how we all have our favorite techniques. I've tried them all just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the glove! I have not gotten up the courage to do something like a glove yet.

I drop the DPNs too. It slows me down a lot also.