Monday, January 28, 2008

Let It Snow!

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We had a 'real' snowstorm here yesterday...we had probably 5-6" of snow over about a 6-7 hour period. We don't do snow here in the Pac Northwest, and much of life ground to a halt today (no schools, no busses, etc). I had a guest in town so Tim drove me in through the icy streets (we only live about 2 miles from school) and had a nice day. There was sort of a pioneer spirit among the hearty souls who traveled into work given the 'harsh' conditions.

Yesterday we took the dogs out during the height of the storm and let them play in the park next to our house. Cody was a happy happy guy.

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And Miss Juneau showed us that she is indeed part Northern dog....she is always a bit on the exuberant side but she was positively joyful running around in the snow yesterday. Note on this picture that both of her back legs are up in the air as she cavorted in the snow.

We did have to venture out last night in the slippery slideyness, and it was beautifully eerie to be the only car on I-5. The snow dusted the trees on the hills surrounding our little valley, and there was lots of reflected light from the snow.

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I finished the gloves, but couldn't bring myself to wear them in the snow. I know, I know, that's just SILLY, but oh well. The gloves are beautiful (the yarn is STR mediumweight in the Haida colorway, part of the Raven collection).

And I have more to show you. Here is a sneak peak: some finished socks, some new socks, and a new sweater (think Snow White).


Anonymous said...

Go, Cody, go!

You too, Sierra... I mean, Juneau!

That's a great shot of Cody -- make him look part wolf or sled dog or something.

Alyssa said...

I'm jealous! We only got half an inch up near Portland. Of course, that was enough for them to cancel school. (Oregon is a bit different from Chicago in the winter - hehe).

I love the cavorting dog shots. I was too lazy to get any pictures of Wrigley, but he did have fun in what little snow we had.

Nice gloves. I have yet to order any Raven colors, but it is so hard to resist...

Anonymous said...

Ella had such a great time in the snow too! Her first snow, what a great way to see it.

We should get together sometime and knit. Coffee? When is good for you?

Carol said...

Hey! Where my comment?

Lisa Boyer said...

Hee didn't want to wear your mittens in the SNOW?!? Are you saving them to wear this summer, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I just love the *puppies* playing in the snow ;) Makes me SMILE! I can just see their tails-a-waggin!!
How good to feel their glee!
All of your work is beautiful!!
If I had made those gloves I would be holding onto them too....but I do see Lisa's point ;)
Isn't this SNOW amazing!!