Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let me just say:

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1. I love audio books.
2. I like fair isle (although it scares me).
3. I just can't imagine how one can do an audio book on fair isle.Edited to add: yes, I know they've left out the patterns. But still.
4. To be fair, I should probably get the book and listen to it.
5. But I just can't imagine how one can do an audio book on fair isle.
6. Amie cracks me up.
7. I finished this vest.
8. I made up the pattern all by myself.
9. It is held together (now) with seaming pins.
10. It will have little hooks and eyes some time.
11. I took the picture in the guest bathroom, hence it looks sort of like a catalogue picture.
12. Thank you for reading.
13. Did you click on the link to the audio book? Did the music make you jump out of your chair?

14. Oops. That second question should have been number 14.


Carol said...

Wow, you're full of surprises! What a great vest! Love it, and yes, Amie is a riot :D I have to add her to my reads.

Sheila E said...

Where do you get all your Umph? You are amazing!!
You have a Special Award waiting on my blog for you!!
I love reading your blog!!