Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Baby

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Presenting: the first finished object of 2008!

I actually finished the knitting on my house sweater (from Charmed Knits) before Christmas, but since I hate finishing I just left it until today. I hate finishing. Did I mention that? Seams: fine. Set in sleeves: disaster. It took me an hour per sleeve and they still sort of look crappy.

Anyway. This is an oversized sweater made with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I am not crazy about this yarn. It isn't what I consider silky, it is more 'raw silky' than 'cat fur silky' if you know what I mean. And it broke while I was seaming. A lot. Anyway, though, I got it on sale so the sweater was not expensive to make. It is a good knock-around-on-weekends sweater, or else it will be once it is dry.

Because I'm so disenchanted with the sweater that I actually washed it in the washing machine to block it (oh , OK, we have a front loader with a handwash cycle so it is really not that bad). So now it is drying, as you can see. It looks humongous, doesn't it?


Carol said...

I like it! Bravo! I do know what you mean by the raw silky thing though. I have some and I was surprised too. Don't know what's it going to be yet, but it's there. Yeah, who wants to hand wash a sweater? NMe

Beverly said...

Nice sweater. I agree with you on the Silky Wool. I haven't re-knit my unraveled sweater yet.