Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stella Heart Yarn

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It is hard to get a good picture of little Stella cat, so when I do get one that is a bit on the cute side, I can't resist posting it.

If you look closely, you can see her little nose, which is the most detail I'm able to get in a picture of a black cat. We won't use a flash on photos of Stella because of her seizure problems (i.e. the flash could set off a seizure). We also stopped playing with the laser pointer with her because of that. But I digress.

Stella is posing with the latest 'feeding frenzy' yarn: wollmeise. This skein is in the colorway "feuerwanze" and before you ask, no, I don't know how to pronounce it. Wollmeise is an indy dyer in Germany, and most of her colorways have german names. The colors are gorgeous, and the skeins are huge (520 yards). The challenge is that outside of one shop in the US, she only sells through her German website, and while it isn't outrageous to ship from Germany, still, you pay for shipping from Germany. But the shipping was very fast, and the yarn is gorgeous, and I'm now hooked on wollmeise.

Someone on Ravelry coined the term "feeding frenzy' yarn for those indy dyers that release limited amounts of yarn into the fiber craving world, and hence the yarn gets snapped up licketly split. I was waiting for a wollmeise sneak up at The Loopy Ewe (you have shopped there, haven't you?) and it happened at some point on a Monday evening and I totally missed it. Anyway. Hence der purchaseboughten ick der Vebsite Deutsch (and here it is, in case you haven't visited yet.

And that's not really German, you know. Oh, Der Vebsite is German, but that sentence that starts 'hence'...that's not German. My knowledge of German stops at 'das ist der fenster' which isn't a big conversation starter. But again. I digress.

Anyway. Update on my search for the Yarn that Most Resembles a Fire in our Fireplace. Guess what? The very cool Wool Girl, who has a real name (Jen) contacted me and she sent the picture of the fire to an indy dyer who is going to see if she can dye the wool for me. Too cool! The indy dyer's site is The Unique Sheep and she isn't sure she can get the blue right, but she's going to try.

I even have knitted stuff to show you: gloves, socks, more socks, that aran sweater, so come back!


Carol said...

Lucky ewe! ;-) You love I love a good Stella shot, she looks quite great these days! Kittensnichtzen!

Alyssa said...

Feuerwanze would be pronounced: Foy air Vahn Tzah. (So many years of German with no outlet for it).

I like the photo of your cat. As an owner of a black cat I am in complete agreement that they are tough to photograph, but yet so so pretty. :) We've had good luck shooting Nemo in black and white.

Love the Wollmeise. I got some a few months ago, but have only admired it in skein form so far. Once I get some of this baby knitting going maybe it will be time to cast on...