Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank you all

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Thank you so much for your kind words about Louise. I still really can't believe she's gone...but we're happy that she was in the family for such a long time and that she went so quickly and relatively peacefully.

I did finish the second sleeve of the Diamond Aran. Today I seamed the shoulders. I have to set in the sleeves (ugh), seam the sides (ok), make i-cord frogs (jeez) and then knit the shawl collar. So this is nowhere near done....but still. Gettin' there.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ten Things About Louise

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1. She was a Christmas present from Tim.
2. Her name was originally meant to be Scarlett O'Hare. When I met her, though, I knew her name was Louise. LIke all the other animals in our house, she had a variety of nicknames, including LouLou and LouLouBelle.
3. She was a mini-lop, and her color was called 'blue' even though it was a deep grey.
4. Her fur was very short, and therefore impossible to spin. Some rude woman once asked me how I could own a rabbit whose fur I couldn't spin. Louise was part of the family long before I was a knitter.
5. She had her moods, but not very often. She was pretty amenable to everything, except when she didn't want to be. You knew she was in a mood when she thumped. Yep, just like Thumper in Bambi.

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6. One night we forgot to close her cage, and she jumped out, came into our bedroom, and thumped. We put her to bed and closed the cage, and never made that mistake again.
7. Her favorite food was banana. Her second favorite food was raisins.
8. She had some chronic back problems, and received occasional chiropractic treatments. Yes, Louise got adjustments.
9. It was possible to hypnotize her by stroking her stomach. Not easy, but possible.
10. She was a wonderful girl, and we have a hole in our life with her gone. See you at the bridge, LouLou.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Farewell to a Friend

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Our rabbit Louise died today. It was sudden, it was fast, and it is a big shock. I will write more about Louise and what a great friend she was in the days to come.

She was 8, which is a good age for a rabbit, and she hid her illness from us til she couldn't hide it anymore. That's what prey animals do. We had a chance to tell her goodbye as she passed, and she knew she was loved.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Potpourri for $20, Alex

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1. I love winding yarn. I'm not sure why...I just really love winding it and seeing it wound up and just looking at the beautiful little yarn cakes. Clockwise from the top: Wollmeise in Bob, Duet Sock Yarn in Skinny Duets, February club colorway, and Duet Sock Yarn in blues and purples.

2. I cast on with one of them, and will cast on with a second this week.

3. We had a great time yesterday with Bonnie (Tropical Knits) and her husband Van yesterday. There was a yarn/rum exchange. Who got the best deal there?

4. I woke up with an inflamed tendon on the outside of my left foot this morning. At the time, it felt like a knife digging into my ankle. Now it is sort of a dull pain. I have a bag of frozen corn kernels bungee-corded around the ankle to try to dull the pain a bit.

4.5 And yes, it looks ridiculous.

5. And I feel ridiculous too.

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6. My neighborhood is filled with turkeys. Yesterday morning about twenty turkeys were wandering around in front of our house.

7. Today, driving to work, another turkey (of the human kind) blithely drove through two stop signs without any indication of stopping at all. Now I understand slowing to a crawl and then accelerating, but I don't understand JUST PRETENDING THE STOP SIGN ISN"T THERE. I honked at this turkey when s/he missed the first one (which also meant s/he didn't look down the street to see me coming toward her) and s/he gave me a vague little wave. Now what does that mean? Oh hi, thanks for honking at me when I didn't stop?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

D is for (finally) Done

D is for Done
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I haven't spent a lot of quality time with these socks...I've knitted on them mostly in the car, or at faculty meetings. I felt bad (and I was also a wee bit bored with sleeves) so I finished them yesterday (turned the heel and knit the foot on the remaining sock. I was speedy!).

Of course, the good news is that I can cast on for a new sock. I can't decide which yarn to use though...I have some gorgeous Duet, some Wollmeise, and some Yarntini that are all calling out to me at the same time. Decisions, decisions!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pink Sleeve Blue Sleeve

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Old Sleeve New Sleeve

Sleeves. Sleeves sleeves sleeves. Alls I do is sleeves these days.

This is the pink sleeve from the Snow White pattern. It's basically just another ribbed tube with a pretty's done in garter rib (one row rib, one row knit) and it flares out a bit at the cuff. Very sweet.

It has been a busy week with some catching up with friends. I had lunch on Monday with a former student and on Tuesday with Jen and Evan and Erin . Evan was delightful, and Erin is such a sweet little baby (2 months old!). It was good to catch up with Jen, who seems to be enjoying being a 2-kid mom.

And the famous
Bonnie from Tropical Knits is in town with her husband, and hopefully we'll get to see them at the weekend.

And in the meantime, I'll be knitting sleeves.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oregon Winters

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They're funny things, these Oregon winters. Three weeks ago we were romping in six inches of snow, and on Saturday it was sunny enough, and warm enough, to take the kayaks out on the canoe canal. I wore a cashmere sweater and a fleece jacket and gloves, although the gloves came off about halfway through the paddle since it was so warm. People walking their dogs on this beautiful day were surprised to see us in the water! At the turnaround point we saw a pup happily romping in the water, and it turned out to be one of our neighbor dogs, Leah, with her mom and dad Jenny and Joe. So we had a nice visit with them: Jenny and Joe on the land, Tim, Leah and I in the water.

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Are you sick of this sweater yet? I"m getting there. Here is the first sleeve. I usually knit two sleeves at a time but because this sleeve starts with a festival of short rows I just did one at a time. It went pretty well until I skipped Row 9 on the fourth rectangle, which really threw me for a loop until I figured it out. Now all I have to do is remember to skip row 9 (and thus, row 10) when I do the matching sleeve and it should be just fine.

Seaming this baby up should be a good time, don't you think?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Design Feature

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Notice anything?
About my Snow White?
Yeah, that little different colored yarn problem.

So let me tell you...I knew I had two different dye lots of this yarn but I was pretty careful to check to make sure I was using the same ones. And when you are looking at this Big Pink Tube in person, guess what? The yarn looks the same color. I swear. It's just when it gets under the camera lens that it changes color.

I think.

Anyway, faced with living with this design feature and ripping the whole shebang, you can guess what I'm going to do. Hopefully when it's finished, washed, and stretched out it won't look quite so mismatched.

Good times.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skinny Feet 'n All

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I have skinny feet. Long skinny feet. I have skinny wrists too.

This is odd, because the rest of me is definitely Not Skinny. And when I was younger, I was always told that the measure of being 'big boned' or 'small boned' depended on your ankles and wrists. It didn't do a lot for my self esteem when my feet and wrists said 'small boned' and my hips and thighs said 'not so much'.

But I love my skinny feet when it comes to making socks. Being a loose knitter with skinny feet means that about 44 stitches of virtually any sock yarn will work for my tootsies.

This yarn is from that company I told you about, Dahara Dreaming, and I bought it at their etsy store. This was during my 'quest for fire" phase and I bought this yarn because the primary colors looked like the colors of our fire. Well, it turned out a bit more circus-stripey than flaming fireplace, but I still like them. They're bright and colorful and fun for winter. Or I should say 'it'. There's only one sock i this pair.

I cast on using doubled yarn and I cast on four extra stitches, so the top is sort of 'fluted'. And it's a 2x2 rib on the leg and on the top of the foot, which makes it look even skinnier. The sock, that is. Not sure how it looks on the foot quite yet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing New

Not much to show you...I have some sleeve that looks an awful lot like a back and two fronts, and a big pink tube that looks twice the size of a pink tube from a post a few days ago.

Contain your excitement.

We did have a bit of knitting excitement here. While in the midst of knitting the sleeve on the Diamond Aran Cardigan, my needle spontaneously combusted. First is got all bendy-like, then it started going wooobywooby (you know what I mean) and then it just broke off.

Tragedy. But nary a stitch was dropped.

I thought I'd shaken the illness but right now I just want to put my head down and take a wee snooze. More tomorrow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

And on to the sleeves...

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I am slowly on the mend from whatever infection laid me low for most of last week...minimal blogging, minimal knitting, minimal work, but lots of laying around in and out of the bathtub. Right now I'm tired, I'm coughing a bit, but I can knit and read and blog and be generally pleasant to the world at large.

The right side of the Diamond Aran went pretty fast...I think I knit much of it during the Super Bowl and then finished it last night when we were watching "Elizabeth: The Golden Age". Between this movie, The Tudors, and renting the PBS series "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" we are having a Tudor Winter. We also watched "A Man for All Seasons" last weekend. Ask us anything about 16th Century England...go ahead.

But I digress.

I like how this is lookign (which is good, since it is taking me pretty much forever to knit it). I also got the mirrored cables correct...which is something, since the instructions are pretty clear for one side, and to do the other side the pattern reads "reverse all shaping and patterns". So I sort of feel that I can conquer anything if I can conquer that!

Friday, February 08, 2008

There's a First Time for Everything

You know, I don't think I've ever written a review of a knitting book on my blog before.

I love knitting books. They are like little Christmas mornings of wonderful things. I guess I love them so much that there's no reason to keep writing the same thing.."I love this book!"

But can I tell you, I *REALLY* love this book. It's Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. She does a lot of patterns in IK, but I've never knit one. I like them though...but they look a bit challenging. But I've pretty much convinced myself that I can tackle anything right now, and when I saw a few pics from this book I had to get it.

This book. What can I say? I don't think I've ever had the experience where I've turned the page and said "Oooh, I have to knit that." Every. Single. Page. OK I exaggerate, but this book is chock full of gawgus patterns.

Ravelry has pics of most of them. Check it out.

Still sick, with little knitting to show you. Hence this little commercial for this book. But still. Go look at it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

C is for..

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I have a cold. One of those scratchy sinus-sort of a sore throat--sit in a sauna to feel OK colds. I went into work for a few hours and then came home, had a bit of chili, and now I think I might go sit in the tub for a bit.

But for your enjoyment: the big pink tube known as Snow White. This is that pattern from Ysolda that has such a lovely neckline. When I bought the pattern and read the directions, I was assuming it was a top down pattern (and no, nowhere does it say that it is knit top down). So I was a bit confused when I ended up knitting a big pink tube. Then I read in the pattern, literally, the words "it will look like a big tube." Then it slowwwly dawned on me...not top down.


Anyway, it is pretty much at the not-very-interesting-being-as-it-is-a-big-pink-tube stage but I enjoy the project nonetheless. It's knit with Rowan Cashsoft DK, which is one of my favorite yarns and just a pleasure to knit with. Which goes a long way.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Quest for Fire

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Remember a week or so ago, I was trying to find yarn the color of fire in my fireplace? Well, the lovely Jen is working on developing a colorway for that. I also did an etsy search and found this yarn from a group I've never heard of before: Dahara Dreaming (link may not be right, check back if it doesn't work...I'm blogging from PDX and don't have the yarn right here). It isn't quite right..but it is pretty good.
Thanks for all your nice Knittiversary wishes. I had a good day of Superbowl knitting: I worked on the socks from this yarn, plus my Snow White, plus the cable cardigan.

Oh, Snow White? I haven't told you about that yet. It's a pattern from Ysolda . I'm making in in RYC Cashsoft DK in pink. It is right now just one big ribbed tube, but hopefully it will start to loo like something soon.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


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Super Bowl Sunday is my Knittiversary...four years (four years? Really?) ago I started knitting.

OK, didn't really start. I learned how as a kid, but can't remember ever making anything. I tried to knit a tank top when I lived in Boston (ie 15 years ago). I didn't really get the concept of gauge, and it was unwearable. So. I re-started, in earnest, during the Super Bowl, four Super Bowls ago.

So yeah, it really isn't my Knittiversary since the Super Bowl isn't always on the same date, but just go with me here.

In honor of my knittiversary, I show you my new socks, made out of Zen Yarn Garden yarn. I think I am in love, IN LOVE, with seacell yarn. It is so silky and squooshy. It feels wonderful. And bamboo, it's highly sustainable.

I wonder if anyone has tried to make Kudzu yarn?

And the socks aren't really different has the heel up so it looks a bit shorter.

Anyway, Happy Knittiversary to me and Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We'll be spending it snuggled down with all the animals rooting for the Giants. And knitting, of course!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Baby Got Back

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I finished the back of the Diamond Aran, and honestly I can't believe that I really knit is so cool looking (if I do say so myself). I started on the right hand side and I'm about a fourth of the way done (thank you, cnn democratic debate) and hopefully the Superbowl will help me accomplish quite a bit more.

Our winter wonderland has melted into our usual cold, wet Oregon was nice to have the snow around but even nicer to have non-icy streets again. Once the snow melted, it was amazing to see all the spring flowers pushing their little heads up!

My computer at work got fried yesterday...all due to a 5 second power outage. I felt a little lost without a computer in my office yesterday but managed to recover enough to throw a bunch of crap out of my office. Can't complain too much about that.