Saturday, February 16, 2008

Design Feature

Originally uploaded by kbshee
Notice anything?
About my Snow White?
Yeah, that little different colored yarn problem.

So let me tell you...I knew I had two different dye lots of this yarn but I was pretty careful to check to make sure I was using the same ones. And when you are looking at this Big Pink Tube in person, guess what? The yarn looks the same color. I swear. It's just when it gets under the camera lens that it changes color.

I think.

Anyway, faced with living with this design feature and ripping the whole shebang, you can guess what I'm going to do. Hopefully when it's finished, washed, and stretched out it won't look quite so mismatched.

Good times.


Carol said...

Well of course you notice it nowww. A good lesson, next time when changing colors, take a photo after 2 rows! Thank you :)

Lisa Boyer said...

Wow...that's amazing that only your camera can see it! Better make sure no one ever takes your picture in this sweater...otherwise, it'll be fine!