Saturday, February 02, 2008


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Super Bowl Sunday is my Knittiversary...four years (four years? Really?) ago I started knitting.

OK, didn't really start. I learned how as a kid, but can't remember ever making anything. I tried to knit a tank top when I lived in Boston (ie 15 years ago). I didn't really get the concept of gauge, and it was unwearable. So. I re-started, in earnest, during the Super Bowl, four Super Bowls ago.

So yeah, it really isn't my Knittiversary since the Super Bowl isn't always on the same date, but just go with me here.

In honor of my knittiversary, I show you my new socks, made out of Zen Yarn Garden yarn. I think I am in love, IN LOVE, with seacell yarn. It is so silky and squooshy. It feels wonderful. And bamboo, it's highly sustainable.

I wonder if anyone has tried to make Kudzu yarn?

And the socks aren't really different has the heel up so it looks a bit shorter.

Anyway, Happy Knittiversary to me and Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We'll be spending it snuggled down with all the animals rooting for the Giants. And knitting, of course!


Lisa Boyer said...

Happy Knittiversary! I've been wondering how bamboo socks would be...thanks for the info. I think I'm going to unravel me a bamboo scarf that didn't quite thrill me....

Anonymous said...

Happy Knittiversary!

Alyssa said...

Happy Knittiversary! Hope you enjoyed the game as much as we did. Normally they are so booorrring, but this year it was actually exciting. :) Love the socks, as always.

Anonymous said...

Happy knittiversary!!! LOve the socks. That color way is amazing. I have got to see about getting myself a little something like that when I am in Eugene.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is me...Bonnie!

Carol said...

Happy Knitterversary! And Happy Superbowl win!! Very nice socks! Love the colors in that yarn!